Affordable Italian Kitchens Sydney by thinkdzine

If you stop and compare the relative size of the kitchen market in Europe compared to Australia, it’s no wonder that Cesar from Italy can produce such beautiful kitchens at a surprisingly affordable price. A kitchen designer from thinkdzine can show you the range at our kitchen showroom in Sydney. Having designed many of the finest Sydney kitchens, we can also share with you plenty of fabulous kitchen design ideas.

Cesar has been in business since 1969, when it was founded in Pramaggiore, near Venice. Today Cesar constructs 11,000 new kitchens each year in its precision manufacturing facility in Italy. As you’d expect, its processes are finely honed and designed to efficiently produce a consistently high quality product. And we in Australia are among the beneficiaries.

Because of the scale of its operations, Cesar Italian kitchens incorporate functionality and attention to detail you would rarely see in kitchens made elsewhere. It’s also why the cost of a new Cesar kitchen from Italy through Sydney’s thinkdzine is often much less than people imagine. It’s quite common for people to look at the quality of a Cesar kitchen and mistakenly think it’s out of their league.

One of our friendly kitchen designers can show you our display kitchens so you can see what’s on offer for yourself. With a variety of finishes available, it is possible to obtain a wonderful new kitchen without breaking the budget. Renovating an existing kitchen or building a brand new kitchen is an exciting time. With many years of experience in designing many of the best Sydney kitchens, one of thinkdzine’s accomplished kitchen designers will be very happy to speak with you about your plans and suggest some great kitchen design ideas.

Call in to thinkdzine’s kitchen showroom in Sydney and be inspired by what’s possible for you to achieve with your new kitchen design at an affordable price.

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