C_Day K14 – Versatile and Stylish Furnishings

Cesar’s C_Day K14 range is fantastic for furnishing a living space, kitchen, study – and pretty much any where else you can think of. Ideal for open plan spaces or where you want to achieve a harmonious flow between different areas, C_Day K14 allows you to create a seamless, streamlined effect.

Notable for its clean-cut, graphical lines Cesar’s C_Day K14 is flexible, and can be arranged to suit all types of interiors and layouts. An example is 12 Composition. Shown here in mulled rough oak, satin rust and clay lacquer, it also appears to float, courtesy of its wall hung installation.

Its asymmetric arrangement, along with a punch of colour with the lacquer panels, adds visual interest. Doors can be bottom-hung, top-hung, push-up and hinged.Thin, 14mm doors create elegant lines, and you can also incorporate open shelving for display. Many modern living rooms are part of the kitchen space, and it is a great advantage to be able to furnish the entire space in a unified way.

In this way, C_Day K14 is the perfect furniture solution. The designers at thinkdzine can design a kitchen or living space that captures all the style and functionality you’re looking for. Call by our design studio in Sydney’s Alexandria for more inspiration and to see the beauty of Cesar living for yourself.

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