Cesar’s Carebox: Keeping your new kitchen in mint condition

One of the many advantages of a Cesar Italian kitchen is how easy it is to keep it looking like new. And – to make it even simpler – when you purchase a new kitchen from Cesar through thinkdzine’s kitchen showroom in Sydney, it comes with an eco-friendly cleaning kit specifically designed to care for your kitchen.

Cesar’s Carebox includes a number of useful products such as a multi-purpose cream that is over 90% biodegradable. It’s perfect for restoring the beauty of stainless steel or other synthetic or enamelled surfaces. Your kit also includes a microfibre cloth along with two ‘magic sponges’ that clean and remove grime with the addition of just water, avoiding the need for detergents.

When you look through the care guide, you’ll see for the majority of Cesar’s range, only water or very neutral cleaning products are needed to keep your kitchen looking fresh and sparkling. By reducing the need for harsh, chemical-based cleaners, your kitchen becomes a safer and healthier environment – an important concern in an area where you prepare food and spend time. Because your Cesar Carebox does not contain aggressive products that may damage its surfaces, your kitchen will keep its good looks for longer.

Our talented kitchen designers at the thinkdzine kitchen showroom Sydney will be pleased to showcase the beautiful range of Cesar Italian kitchens. You’ll quickly see the quality that makes them so durable and easy to care for.

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