Hydroline bath in Best Product Awards

Teuco’s Hydroline – the invisible whirlpool – has won a special mention as the best technological innovation in the first edition of the Best Product Award, by the AB Abitare il Bagno magazine in Italy. The award recognises production excellence, identified through votes from retaile

What makes Hydroline special is its minimalist slits which replace traditional nozzles. This creates a streamlined and elegant look, and it’s more comfortable for users. The slits can also be backlit by beams of light, and these can be adjusted in eight different colours, producing a stunning effect – especially at night.

The Hydroline was judged against a range of products exhibited at the latest Salone del Bagno bathroom exhibition held earlier in 2014 in Milan. The most interesting solutions from six different commodities sectors were selected: furniture, radiators, claddings, taps, sanitary wares and wellness. Products which stood out from the rest in terms of design or innovation were awarded special mention.

Hydroline was designed by Giovanna Talocci and this latest accolade recognises its groundbreaking nature.

It offers 400 grams of pressure per nozzle, which is equivalent to a professional hand massage. Hydroline includes the Hydro Clean System: the hermetic sealing of suction and jets when the whirlpool is not in operation. It also has automatic sanitising, a system which introduces a sanitising solution into the system and disinfects the pump, the jets and the surface of the bathtub. This is supplied as standard on all whirlpool systems.

With its beautiful looks, technological inclusions and efficiency, Hydroline is a smart and stylish inclusion to modern bathrooms.

Find out more about Hydroline and the full range of Teuco bathrooms at our design studio in Alexandria, Sydney.

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