Innovative electronic kitchen drawer design with internal cabinetry lighting

Because Cesar kitchens are manufactured in Italy – and the European market for their products is huge – they have the scale to incorporate many remarkable features in their kitchen designs very cost effectively.

One such feature is the option for electronic kitchen drawers, along with internal lighting within kitchen drawers and cabinets. It’s a brilliant kitchen design idea, and at the thinkdzine kitchen showroom, Sydney, you can see examples of this on display.

Electronic drawer mechanisms developed by Blum for Cesar make opening and closing drawers a breeze. Even kitchen drawers containing heavy items such as pots and pans open and close with minimum effort, thanks to the Blum servo drive electronic drawer runner system. Drawers glide beautifully and effortlessly, with a soft close complementing the overall sense of elegance and quality that’s a hallmark of a Cesar Italian kitchens. Visit the thinkdzine kitchen showroom and one of our experienced kitchen designers in Sydney can show you through the range.

Another useful feature is the internal strip lighting that’s available. Again because of the scale of operations in Italy, LED lighting can be incorporated relatively inexpensively. You will be able to see how neatly Cesar embeds it in the kitchen drawers and cabinets – something that most local kitchen manufacturers would find challenging to replicate without it involving significant time and costs.

The lighting in Cesar kitchen drawers and cabinetry can be angled towards the back of the drawer or cupboard, making it easy to find hard to reach items. Another great kitchen design idea!

Ease of maintenance has been factored in, and it’s a very simple matter to replace LED bulbs when needed. Inbuilt sensors detect when the kitchen drawer or cabinet is opened and closed. This ensures the lights only come on when the drawer or cabinet is open, and that they automatically turn off when shut. These types of kitchen design ideas, details and dedication to quality truly set Cesar kitchens from Italy apart.

See them for yourself by visiting thinkdzine’s beautiful kitchen showroom in Sydney’s Alexandria. One of our kitchen designers will show you a range of exciting kitchen design ideas to help you get a result you will truly love !!

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