Italian heat-treated oak kitchen designs in Sydney

Heat-treated oak creates a beautiful finish for kitchen cabinetry. You can see it for yourself in the Italian designed Cesar kitchen range at the thinkdzine kitchen showroom, Sydney.

The heat-treatment process gives the oak a darker colour that mirrors the effect of naturally aged wood. It also makes the wood grain more distinctive, enhancing its visual appeal.

Heat-treatment allows the colour to penetrate evenly through the entire piece of timber. This compares very favourably with timber that’s treated with stain or varnish, where the colour can be quite superficial. It also avoids the toxic fumes associated with some stains and varnishes, therefore making your kitchen more environmentally friendly and safe. Heat-treatment makes the timber permanently more resistant to moisture compared with untreated timber.  This makes a heat-treated oak kitchen more robust and long lasting.

And while heat-treated oak is very durable, if by some chance it suffers some rough treatment, it’s easy to bring it back to new. Because the colour permeates the entire wood, there is no variation in colour if a scratch does occur. It is simply a matter of buffing the timber with some vegetable oil to restore its good looks.

Cesar’s Yara, Cloe and Elle style ranges are each available in heat-treated oak. As a brand known for its unwavering dedication to quality, all Cesar’s Italian designed kitchens come with a 5 year guarantee. A heat-treated oak kitchen available through thinkdzine in Sydney will create a modern kitchen design but with a timeless effect.

Talk to one of our expert kitchen designers at the thinkdzine kitchen showroom in Sydney’s Alexandria. We can show you all the wonderful features that make a Cesar kitchen from Italy a perfect addition to your home.

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