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The intimate nature of bedrooms calls for considered planning. Muted or vibrant colours, organic or dramatic materials, are ultimately a personal choice, but Thinkdzine will tune into your individual taste.

interior design bedroom

Custom wardrobes play an essential role in bedroom style and functionality.

While a spacious walk-in robe can add some luxury, a sleek sliding-door or modern hinged-door wardrobe can also take your bedroom to the next level.

Matt, wood, coloured glass, glossy or metal lacquers are just a few examples of finishes available.

On the inside, accessory compartments are planned to make the most of internal space and cater to your needs.

While planning a bedroom renovation or creating it from scratch, we transcend the immediacy of trends and focus on achieving stunning long-lasting appeal. Our innovative wardrobe designs are showcased at our Sydney interiors showroom in Alexandria.

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